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For keeping up in this competing business environment, businesses need to adopt every possible trend that offers them a better reach to prospects. Websites have become one of the most significant modes of virtual communication with prospects. In a domain where almost all users harness the power of the Internet, every business must retain its presence with interactive websites and web apps. However, relying on the website development in Ahmedabad only would not offer you the required results. If you wish to stay competitive, you need to adopt all the trends dominating the virtual market.

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If you wish to adopt such websites trends and want predictions about them, then you are at the right place. In this blog, you will learn about some new web development trends that are witnessing immense acceptance from the user end. Read the complete blog to identify and adapt them to your web development in Ahmedabad.

Progressive web apps

Although you may not say that Progressive web apps are a marvel of 2022, it has gained maximum attention during this year. The new-age developers and businesses are now looking forward to this trend, bringing a top-notch user experience to the websites. About 65% of consumers made their online orders at eCommerce websites rather than apps in the past years.

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This surging use of web apps on browsers is only possible with the help of progressive web apps. In 2022, these progressive web apps will come written with high-level languages such as JavaScript, Angular, React, HTML, and CSS. This will increase the possibility of accommodating offline cached content to the users.


With the progression of technology, humans expect AI in almost every virtual solution. The AI makes any system self-learning that helps the websites to be adaptable as per the user demand. In recent days, you can witness a surging use of AI in website development. With the help of AI, businesses are eliminating the need for support managers to offer resolutions to consumers. Instead, the bots are identifying the queries and offering users immediate assistance. You can also include a Chatbot in your progressive web app development to respond to the consumers.

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AI-created bots are more trending these days because of their 27/7 problem-solving capabilities. They offer you a complete human-like experience and also study consumer behaviour.

Accelerated mobile pages

The accelerated mobile page is one more version of the website development trend that enhances the speed of your webpage’s performance. Most of the website owners lose their prospects due to unresponsive pages and higher page loading time. However, AMP/Accelerated Mobile Pages are identical to progressive web apps. It significantly increases the page performance offering a better experience to the user. The accelerated mobile pages also come mobile-friendly. Users using browsers to surf your pages can read the content conveniently.

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Voice search optimization

Voice search optimization is the most recent trend in website development. After the evolution of IoT devices and AI in every technology, people get answered to every query by bots and AIs. Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google have increased the popularity of voice search. In such cases, if you are opting for website development in Ahmedabad, you need to make your website optimized for voice search. Most people nowadays are using voice search for making any queries on SERPs.

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In conclusion, these are the top website development trends that you must know about. Now that you know the top trends, you should also adapt them to your development.

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