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The user experience is directly proportional to the amount of traffic you will get on your website. User experience is what your customers feel about your website while using it. As 83% of the consumers consider user experience a significant factor in the success of their business, the rest of the consumers should also consider this fact while developing their website. If you are also looking to optimize your WordPress website, you can opt for the best web design Ahmedabad.

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With the help of website design Ahmedabad, you can enhance your user experience on WordPress website:

1. Easy to use the navigation

Users appreciate the website when they experience an effortless journey. To get appreciation from your customer, categorize your products and keep a consistent design for your website. Make your navigation titles accurate and make them clickable so that the consumer does not face any kind of obstacles, and put your search bar at the top of your website that screen readers can discover.

2. Pay attention to functional design

The functionality should be the priority of every developer while designing the website and maintaining its beauty by adding aspects at their usual place. But you cannot compromise with functionality by focusing on the website’s looks, as functionality will rank higher than the design.

3. Use of relevant icons

Utilize some relevant icons as they play a significant role in WordPress customization. To enhance the user experience, arrange the icons to get what they want quickly, even without reading any title. An appropriate organization of icons will help the customers to find their purpose of visiting at a glance.

4. Ensure a seamless experience across the device

Ensure that the customer’s website is smooth and effortless and access to mobile and desktop. As the no. of mobile users has increased in the past few years, and more than half of the traffic for any website has arrived from mobiles, it is essential for the websites to be mobile-friendly to engage the majority of the customers.

Make your mobile version more accessible and effortless because users are more comfortable on mobile as they have to explore and click on the links on a smaller screen than desktop. If you want to check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, then you can check it on Google’s mobile-friendly test.

5. Take advantage of high-quality pictures and videos

For a professional impression of your customers or visitors, use some high-quality images. To take advantage of high-quality pictures, you have to remove all the low-quality pictures from your landing page and use high-resolution images to convince the visitor and engage more visitors to your content. Although the high-quality pictures can obtain plenty of storage space on your website, that may result in slow loading speed and other issues.

6. Track error 404 on your page

Anyone may get irritated by error 404 and may also have a negative impact on your business. Most visitors will never visit your website when error 404 arrives on their screen. To increase your user experience, find the problem due to which users have to face error 404. It is necessary to fix this problem with time to recover from a bad result. One can use the Dead Line Checker tool to tackle this issue.

7. Do not forget the formatting process

Focusing on format improvisation is another way to engage no. of users. The way of presentation of information is not the main issue, as making information more compelling is possible without making any change to the original content by following methods:

  • Shorten your sentences as well as paragraphs of the content.
  • Bold the critical section, headings, and subheadings of the content.
  • Make headlines and list bullet points.
  • Putting simple terms rather than difficult words.
  • Get advantages of graphical elements present in websites.

Anyone can enhance the variety and quality of content to increase its readability, resulting in a good user experience.

8. Focus on accuracy of the content

Last but not least, editing and updating your content is the best way to engage your traffic. When you publish accurate and well-polished content, it will automatically increase user experience. You can also use multiple tools to maintain the flow of your content, for example, Handmade writing, Hemingway App, Slick Write, and many more. You can also seek the help of the best web design Ahmedabad.

Optimization of WordPress website is an excellent option to improve user experience and to gain better traffic. These mentioned guidelines will surely help you to build smooth and seamless UX for the visitor. For more help, you can opt JSP Infotech from website design Ahmedabad. You will surely get all the solutions to your queries.

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